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About Liiffe

Liiffe is a travel platform that offers detailed 3-day itineraries designed by locals for Authentic Experience. Offer local recommendations tailored to your preferences to immerse yourself in local culture, discover traditions, and cuisine. Don’t waste time searching for scattered information on blogs and guides; here you have everything you need to explore the world authentically and at your own pace!

A flexible itinerary for exploring the destination over 3 days. Liiffe suggests, you decide 😉

Local recommendations, including restaurants, hidden gems, activities, local cuisine, and places to visit. Personalized selection of activities to enhance your experience. An updated section of all events happening in the city, filterable by event type. incorrupte.

A Liiffe experience aims to steer you away from typical tourist traps.

It does not include transportation, tickets, or reservations for restaurants or activities.

Additionally, please note that a local guide will not accompany you during the experience; you’ll explore on your own, following their advice and recommendations.

“Any other service not described in the ‘WHAT’S INCLUDED IN A LIIFE EXPERIENCE’ section.”

Our experiences are crafted by genuine locals, local experts who have an in-depth knowledge of their city’s culture and lifestyle. These individuals possess profound local insights and the personal capacity to design itineraries that go beyond the conventional.

We offer a carefully segmented catalog of experiences tailored to specific interests. These experiences are unconventional, avoiding generality, and adapt to each traveler’s tastes, making them truly unique and personalized.

We carefully select our local experts, who possess deep knowledge of their city’s culture and lifestyle. Additionally, we are committed to customer quality and satisfaction. Regularly, our experts visit each point of interest or recommendation to ensure that all the information provided to our customers is up-to-date.

Currently, our destinations include Madrid, Seville, and Medellín (Colombia). Liiffe is in the midst of expansion, and we are working on opening new cities in Spain, Europe, and Latin America in the coming months.

Liiffe is committed to the growth and prosperity of local communities in the destinations we serve. We actively promote the recommendation of local businesses, not only in tourist areas but throughout the city. By doing so, we support local entrepreneurs and merchants, significantly contributing to the economic development of these communities. This is our way of promoting responsible and sustainable tourism while enriching the experience of our travelers and strengthening local ties.

Recommendatios and external Booking

Liiffe offers you unique and highly personalized recommendations, ranging from authentic restaurants to hidden gems, the best tours and activities, local cuisine, historical information, local points of interest, and an updated agenda of events happening in the city that day. Our routes are designed to immerse you in local culture, traditions, and unique adventures. Duo adhuc noluisse incorrupte.

Note: “The service descriptions and photos provided are for reference purposes and are provided by service providers. Services may sometimes undergo changes without prior notice.”

To ensure the best possible experience, we provide external links for you to purchase your tickets or tours directly from the providers. This ensures availability, flexibility in your bookings, and the best prices, while avoiding intermediary costs.

Liiffe will provide you with the necessary information and recommendations to make a reservation at a recommended restaurant, but the reservation itself is made directly with the restaurant.

Please note that Liiffe does not assume responsibility for issues related to external bookings. However, we are here to provide assistance and guidance in case of problems.

Booking process

The booking process is simple: Just select the experience you desire, register before making the purchase, and follow the steps to complete the reservation. You can securely pay online. Once the reservation is made, access the purchased plans from “My Account” in the “Downloads” section and enjoy your Liiffe experience.

Non-refundable. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds once you have accessed the content of the Liiffe experience. However, we are committed to providing exceptional service and resolving any issues you may encounter.

You will have access to the content of the Liiffe experience for a period of 3 months from the date of purchase. This provides you with flexibility to enjoy the experience at your own pace and convenience.

Customer Support

Yes, we have a customer support team dedicated to helping you with any issues related to your reservation or Liiffe experience. Feel free to contact us at any time.

You can contact Liiffe’s support team in several ways. If you have questions or need assistance, you can use our online chat to conveniently and quickly address your inquiries. You can also email us at hola@liiffe.com. We are here to help and committed to responding to your queries as promptly as possible: https://experiencias.liiffe.com/contact/