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Hello, I’m Rafa , I am a sports lover, especially paddle tennis and travel. I love spending time with my family and making plans for my young children to enjoy. I leave the recommendations below, I hope you enjoy Madrid.


Good morning, I’m Rafa, your host, and I propose:

In the morning, we will start with breakfast at the Chocolatería San Ginés and then we will visit a very special place, the House-Museum of the Ratón Pérez . Both adults and children will like it. Since you are in the center, I recommend a walk through the Royal Palace , the Sabatini Gardens , and the Plaza de España where you will see Don Quixote and Sancho. If you fancy an outdoor plan you can go to the Casa de Campo and walk to the lake. To eat, you can opt for something more traditional like a Madrid stew at La Bola or something oriental like at Mercado Yatai.

Another option to spend the morning is to take a walk through Madrid Río, there are 17 children’s leisure areas and children will have a lot of fun. If you decide on this option, I recommend you to eat here nearby. Costello Rio , the desserts are a delight, nearby you also have Bar Toboggan and then a coffee at Bite me cafe .

In the afternoon I suggest some cultural visits, we will start by visiting The Museum of Illusions , where the children will have a lot of fun and you can take some great photos!

We will continue with a walk through the orchard neighborhood and if you like theater, I suggest you go to the Luchana Theater , it has a very fun children’s billboard.

For dinner in the area there is Pim Pam (delicious tapas and chocolate cake to die for). If you prefer to take a walk to the Temple of Debod to see the sunset, you can end up having dinner in a place that we love in the center is La Excentric. You also have a mythical Madrid restaurant very close called Casa Mingo .


Note: Liiffe recommends booking restaurants and events in advance to ensure availability, as well as checking schedules, as they vary seasonally.


San Ginés chocolate shop

Excellent location near the Plaza Mayor. You can choose between a mix of churros and porras. I prefer batons because of their chewy interior. Chocolate is great as it is perfectly sweetened. The churros are good. Good, but not necessarily great. You also have the option of freshly made/hot churros when you place your order

Perez Mouse House-Museum

Small children’s museum with drawings, figures and a reproduction of the house of the Ratoncito Pérez and his family. It is found inside some shopping galleries. Price 5 euros from 3 years old, the visit usually lasts approximately 40 minutes. Tickets can be reserved through WhatsApp (+34 634 742 768) and if it is a day before, the better.


The Royal Palace of Madrid is one of the largest in the world and a must-see for tourists visiting Madrid. The free access hours are limited and the lines are usually long. The days of free access to the public are Monday to Thursday from 5 to 7 p.m. (last access at 6 p.m.). It is an excellent option but you have to be patient, the lines can be long and you may not get in the first time.

sabatini gardens

The Sabatini Gardens are located at the foot of the north façade of the Royal Palace of Madrid. It is a spectacular corner of Madrid at any time of the day, especially at sunset, the most photogenic moment. It is small, compared to others, and very manageable, ideal for children to run and enjoy.

Spain Square

The Plaza de España is located between Gran Vía and Princesa Street. It is one of the most emblematic leisure squares in the center of Madrid, this important monument to Cervantes is presided over by a globe that represents the universality of Cervantes’ work. In the center of the square Don Quixote and Sancho Panza are represented.

Costello Rio

Large cafe-bar with terrace, American-style burgers and sandwiches, drinks and coffee. Perfect to go with children, better if you make a reservation.
We recommend ordering the classic burger or the ribs. Price per person approximately €20.

Slide Bar

Cozy tavern to have some beers and order some portions. The patatas bravas are very good because they make their own sauce and it is very good. The rest of the dishes are also great. The terrace is huge and in a very quiet area. However, it is virtually impossible to get a seat if you do not make a reservation.

Bite me café

Neighborhood cafe where you can have a delicious coffee and all kinds of sweets, vegan donuts, they also have savory options. We recommend the chocomisú, you can order it to go. It’s small so sometimes you have to wait.

museum of illusions

A different and very original museum. Fun for children and adults. It is better to buy the ticket in advance. Sometimes you have to wait a little at the door until the passage opens. It is very interesting and recommended. The most fun thing is the inclined floor. The visit usually lasts approximately one hour.

wrestling theater

2-story theater, with a cafeteria at the entrance, where you can see plays and shows for children and adults. It is advisable to preview the billboard ( and buy tickets in advance.

pim pam

An informal bar with exposed brick walls and a children’s area that offers salads, tapas and eclectic dishes. Located very close to the San Bernardo station, the place is very well decorated and the service is always very pleasant. As for the food, everything we ordered was pretty good, especially the ravioli.

Temple of Debod

Ancient Egyptian temple brought from Aswan reconstructed, with museum and sunset views from a park, the best photo of a sunset can be taken from the side of the fountain to focus on the sun falling through the building. The visit is free.

the eccentric

We usually choose this restaurant because of the children’s area with monitors to attend to the children. It is always a success: the food is very good, the service and friendliness unbeatable, and the price reasonable. They specialize in rice, tapas, drinks and current Spanish cuisine.

casa mingo

Mythical Spanish cuisine restaurant and cider house with wooden beams, it is a classic that never fails. Every time we go we try their legendary roast chicken. Next to the Principe Pio station and very close to the Debod Temple and the Church of San Antonio de la Florida.


The center of Madrid is very walkable and is the best way to explore its streets. To move from one neighborhood to another I recommend the subway but if you walk you can enjoy the monuments of the city. The whole area of Madrid de los Austrias is almost pedestrian.

Madrid is a very bicycle-friendly city. BiciMAD is a public service of electric bicycles, offering a service with electric bicycles, practical, simple. It can be used as an annual subscriber or as an occasional user, through the totem at the station, where you will be provided on site with a card for 1, 3 or 5 days and billed at the end of the selected period depending on the use of the service.

All areas of the city are served by bus, the “Airport Express” line (with a fixed fare of 5 euros).
The fleet is modern, with comfortable vehicles and has built-in free wifi.
The usual schedule covers the whole day from 6:00 to 23:30, while on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays the service is extended from 7:00 to 23:00.
The average frequency ranges from 4 minutes to a quarter of an hour, although it depends on the day of the week, the schedule and certain urban traffic conditions.
In any case, you can find out the frequencies of each line, itineraries and other information on the EMT website, or, even more conveniently, using the official app “EMT Madrid”.
The night buses are called “búhos”, and on weekdays, Sundays and holidays, they leave from Cibeles with an interval of 30-35 minutes between 12:00 midnight and 4:00 am.
As for fares, a single ticket, which can be purchased on board the vehicle, costs 1.50 euros. Payment can be made by contactless bank card or cell phone. If paying in cash, only 5 euro bills are accepted for exchange.
There is a fare called “Metrobús”, valid for all EMT buses and metro zone A and priced at 12.20 euros, or “Bus+Bus”, which allows travel on all buses with one line transfer per trip included and costs 18.30 euros.

Cabs are available throughout the city and are a convenient way to get around, especially if you have luggage or are tired.
From the airport there is a flat fare of 30 € to the city center. There are also for-hire vehicle for hire (VTC) services such as Uber and Cabify.

Renting a car just to get around Madrid makes no sense at all. Like any big city, it has its traffic problems, and there is also the cost of parking.
Add to this the fact that the city has excellent public transportation and reasonably priced cabs, and I would strongly advise against renting a car.
Another thing is that you plan to make excursions outside Madrid and want to go on your own.

Another option is “Carsharing”: Madrid is one of the European cities with the largest offer of carsharing companies, a perfect option for tourists who do not travel to Madrid by car and at a certain moment of their visit need one.
You can rent a car with carsharing companies operating in Madrid (Wible, free2move, sharenow).

Motorcycle enthusiasts are in luck because Madrid is one of the European cities with the largest number of motorbike-sharing vehicles. Besides being very easy to use, “motosharing” services are super practical and you can do it with apps like (Cooltra or Acciona Motosharing).

The Madrid Cercanías network has 9 lines, and a timetable that goes from 05:30 to 23:30 hours. Commuter trains are great to cross the city quickly or to travel to towns around Madrid, such as Alcalá de Henares, El Escorial and even Guadalajara.

Madrid’s metro is fast and inexpensive, with an extensive network covering the city and some nearby municipalities. With 12 lines and a schedule from 6:00 to 1:30, it is advisable to arrive on time. Frequency varies from 3 to 7 minutes, being higher in the late hours and on holidays.

Children under four years of age travel free of charge. Tickets can be purchased from automatic machines at stations, tobacconists and authorized points. The card costs 2.50 euros and lasts 10 years, but is included in the tourist season ticket.

The 10-trip ticket, called “Metrobús”, costs 12.20 euros and is valid on all Zone A lines, including light rail and EMT buses. In addition, there is no charge for the number of stations.

To access the airport, there is a supplement of 3.00 euros at some stations.

For more detailed information on schedules and intervals, please visit:

Always remember to check schedules and routes, especially if there are events or holidays that may affect the transportation service. Check also the prices, sometimes they can change, enjoy your stay in Madrid!

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