Immerse yourself in the most authentic communes of Medellín

A look at the transformation of the communes of the city of eternal spring.

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Welcome to Medellín. I love that you visit my city. I’m Laura and today I want to present you a transformed city, full of color, vitality and joy. Medellín today is the Science, Technology and Innovation District of Colombia, a city that has been an example of resilience and transformation. Today I invite you in three days to tour our neighborhoods, talk to the locals and experience a city that inspires, that is friendly and that welcomes you with love. Welcome to the city of eternal spring: Medellín.


We started the plan in El Poblado, since it is one of the areas of the city that enjoys the best panoramic views, thanks to its privileged location surrounded by green mountains. I suggest you start by having breakfast at Lavato laundry & Brunch , a place where, while enjoying the best cuisine, you can telework and even do your laundry. Afterwards you can take a walk through the Poblado neighborhood, the lleras park and provence street. We begin our route with La Drift Rooftop, It is a modern oasis located on the terrace of the Click Clack Hotel, it is like being on a beach between mountains, they have the half-round club. Here I recommend the best dish made with Lionfish in the city, if sea food is your thing. Since we have so many terraces in the city, I suggest this list as a top roof so you can choose the one that most attracts your attention.

Marquee It is a luxurious boutique hotel, in the heart of Lleras Park. Every last Saturday of the month, you can go to the iconic Marquee Brunch. TRUE at Landmark hotel, known as true, safe, indubitable, a place where lies have no place because they are real through not hiding what they like most: eating, drinking and having fun. Here you have an unmissable Nikkei Style! I like it for late nights.

At night you can go have a drink at Envy Rooftop at the Charlee Hotel, The loudest and tastiest roof in Medellín, located on the Floor (P) of the hotel, is ideal for seeing Medellín from above. On the last Sunday of every month they have a brunch that you won’t be able to miss, with an unlimited buffet and free mimosas, live DJs and lots of fun.


These are our recommendations for this day in Medellín! Los Rooftops by Los Patios.

If you are in El Poblado and your plan is a sunny day, a pool and a cocktail, the rooftop of Los Patios Suites is the one for a dream tan ☀💦

If you want to party with the best tropical vibe 🌴 , we suggest Ziruma, the only rooftop tiki bar in the city @zirumarooftop has two floors with excellent views, happy hour every day and daily activities full of flavor 😎

In Laureles we have the rooftop with the best view in the sector, Medellín at 360, swimming pool, Turkish, gastronomy and signature cocktails, all in one place Ocaso Rooftop Gastro bar 🍹🥃 @ocasorooftop

Another option that you should not miss is to go to dinner at Hangar M45 Azotea, is a Medellín themed restaurant that is one of the most viral of the moment. Where you can try Colombian cuisine, sushi or grilled meat. In addition to enjoying an eccentric experience riding in a helicopter. Their tables are airplane chairs. Without a doubt it is the terrace of the moment. Don’t forget to take a photo at Hangar M45 and tag on social networks.

So which one do you arrive at?


Today where is the patch? If you want to start the day with the best energy, go to Goose and Beaver, the best bistro in the city. Super recommended!!! They can bring their furry friends, especially if they go to the Ciudad del Río headquarters. My favorites there are the veggie dishes and the chocolate with cardamom.

Taking advantage if they are in the Ciudad del Río sector, located in El Poblado. Go see the rooms of the MAMM, Museum of Modern Art of Medellín, they open from 11 Am. Also ask about the store, they sell very nice Colombian items to take with you as a souvenir.


Then I suggest you continue exploring the rooftops that best suit your needs and preferences. Social mosquito, a spring paradise, is the breeze that brought flavor, rhythm and tumbao to a little terrace near the sun. We all like pool parties, but not all of us like to get wet, they offer ideal plans for the partyseo.

If you want to leave the town, I recommend a rooftop closer to the sky, Zélebre, formerly 360 rooftop. They have a nice headquarters in Laureles. Thursdays are perfect for a cocktail patch, ask for the recommended one of the day. Place with open ceilings ideal for eating, drinking, patching and taking a nice postcard.

Being in the Laureles area, do not hesitate to go and visit Panorama Roof bar, They have a terrace, brunch and bar in one place, they have two locations, the other is in Provence. They have spaces designed so you can organize your parties and events, special decoration touches and dynamic spaces equipped for your activities, with catering service to serve your guests.

Finally you could take a walk, for a unique and safe place to enjoy the center of Medellín in a different way. Gastrobar canvas. They are the rooftop of the Gallery Hotel. A quiet and charming little corner, surrounded by little plants 🍃🪴🍃 that make us pause and breathe. Come up and enjoy a menu designed for any time of the day 🍻🍷🥃🍸

Note: Liiffe recommends booking restaurants and events in advance to ensure availability, as well as checking hours as they vary seasonally.


las palmas viewpoint

Ideal on the Hotel – Airport – Hotel route, I DO NOT recommend eating in this place, only the view of the city

Roasts Doña Rosa

They have the best smoked pork rinds in Medellin. Open every day from 06:00 to 23:00.

sancho paisa

Be sure to try the almojabanas, they are really good and fresh. Open every day from 05:00 to 22:00.

The viewpoint

Spectacular views that you can’t miss! You don’t need reservations, you just arrive and park at the place. The entry of minors is prohibited.


  • Tuesday to Thursday from 5 p.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Friday and Saturday from 5 p.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Sundays from 16 to 1
  • Ñunes closed
Cerro Nutibara Ecological Park

Public park that houses large contemporary sculptures by national and international artists. Ideal for doing sports walking along the trails, you can also go by bike.

Paisa town

It takes a while to get there but it is well worth it, there are several things to see and do there and it is very close to El Poblado and Laureles.

paisa tradition

I recommend the tables on the second floor, and from typical dishes you can choose in addition to the tumba paisa, the tripe, the sancocho, which is a good soup with a lot of protein, or a posta sudada.

White Vans

Private transport company

Xplore colombia Tours

Paragliding flights in San Félix are 100% recommended.

Contact telephone number: +573185176001.

San Felix viewpoint

Popular viewpoint to observe the sunset and the lights of the city of Medellín, as well as to practice paragliding.

Waira restaurant bar picnic

I recommend it before or after paragliding, it has a better gastronomic offer than the flight area.

Hours every day from 12 to 24 (on Sundays until 23).


Picturesque tiled and cobbled neighborhood with fountains, trees and bars with terraces.

the eighth wonder

For me the best in Sabaneta!! Informal restaurant, with a terrace, offering hearty cuisine and panoramic views of the city.

Oskar's viewpoint

Spectacular country place in Sabaneta, spectacular, smoky, typical food, definitely a very good option to be quiet in a rural environment, spectacular views. Don’t forget that they are based in the main park, in case you go down to see the Sabaneta park.

Los Molinos shopping center

Modern shopping center with casual restaurants, a cinema and children’s play areas.

the miguería

Be sure to try their chocolate bread!!

the sky lookout

Panoramic views of the city from a rustic lookout with grass on a hill, street food and farm animals.

Hangar M45

If you are passionate about themed places, this is not to be missed. Hours from 1 to 2 (Friday and Saturday), until 12 pm on Thursdays, until 11 pm on Sundays, and until 10 pm from Monday to Wednesday.

Woot Women Travel

Online Operator Agency for incoming tourism, ideal for women who plan to visit destinations like Colombia to allow themselves to live deep, authentic and fun experiences, connecting with this part of the world to discover it for themselves, achieving an “encounter” on a trip with purpose and maximized in the concept of enjoying experiences in brotherhood, care and protection.


Medellín is a city that can be walked in many places. In areas like the center, for example, you can enjoy streets like: Junín, Carabobo, among others.

Parques del Río, Manila, Provenza, and the City of Rio are sectors where you can walk and quietly enjoy the city.

In the vicinity of the Atanasio Girardot stadium, the Laureles neighborhood, Los Colores and 70th Street to the west of the city, you can also walk around quietly.

In Medellín you can also rent bikes, skateboards, motorcycles or electric cars to get around the city for hours, since here we have a fairly wide bike path that you can use for bikes and skateboards, in the case of cars and motorcycles. If they must go through the regular avenues. In order to rent them you must download the applications or contact the companies that are dedicated to providing this service, some of them are: Muverang, Orange Hare,, Viator, among others.

Meter plus: These are buses with an exclusive lane that take you from the Industriales metro station to the University of Medellín, or from there to the city center. In addition, there is another line that takes you from the Hospital del Metro station and passes through the iconic Manrique neighborhood in the east of the city. (The Gardeliana House is located in this neighborhood)

Electric Bus: This goes throughout the west of the city on 80th Avenue and takes you from south to north, its last stop is the Caribe Metro station.

Feeder buses: Metro feeder buses operate at various stations, taking you to various places and neighborhoods where you need to get. On the Metro page there is the map and the routes, there you can clearly identify which one you should take depending on your destination.

Taxis: To get around the city, there are several companies that unionize taxi drivers and that have applications and phone numbers where you can request them safely, some of them are:

Individual tax (604 4444444)

Coopebombas (604 4440000)

Tax super (604 4441111); Additionally, applications such as Uber, Indriver, among others, operate in the city.

Car rental: In Medellín you can also rent a car to get around, however, due to the city’s traffic, it is often better to use public transportation. Some companies are: Rent a car, Localiza, Rentcars, among others.

The subway:

The integrated transport system has two lines, A and B.

In the first you can move from North to South, from Niquía to La Estrella, this line crosses the city.

As for line B, it goes from the city center to the west. On this line you can reach commune 13, it is the last station and it is called San Javier.

The Metro Cable: This has 6 lines, each of them takes you to neighborhoods that are in the upper parts of the hills that belong to the city. Line L takes you to Parque Arví and you take it at the Acevedo Metro station.

Trolley car: This goes from the center of the city to the east, towards Miraflores. Here you have a very attractive gastronomic corridor, and it takes you to several key places in the city center.

For the airport: To get from the city to the José Maria Córdoba international airport, you can go to the San Diego Shopping Center and on the outskirts you can take a taxi, bus or bus that takes you directly and that are certified for these routes, or contract your trip with companies such as : Aerotaxi, Acoa airport taxi, Teletrans, Cab they go, among others.

To get down from the airport to the city you can contract with the same companies, or with the buses and buses that you can take right there and they will drop you off at the San Diego shopping center.

Transportation cards:

The Medellín Civic Card is the key to efficient and convenient urban mobility.

If you want to get it, you can purchase it for a cost of $10 thousand pesos, and with your card you can recharge from $5000 to the amount you want. With a single ticket, you can tour the city on the integrated transportation system without getting off. This has certain permanence times, for more information go to the Medellín Metro page and consult:

In practical terms, it is a means of electronic payment that is used in the public transportation system of Medellín and its metropolitan area.

It is a rechargeable and personalized card that allows you to access different modes of transportation, such as the Metro, buses and integrated systems such as Metroplús and Ayacucho Tram. In addition, because it contains the user’s personal information, the Civic Card can also be used in other public services such as libraries, parks and to enjoy cultural events.

Always remember to check schedules and routes, especially if there are events or holidays that may affect the transportation service. Enjoy your stay in Medellín.


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