Afterwork 3 Days (MEDELLIN)

Let’s patch, talk and enjoy the city of eternal spring on an afterwork tour

Through this experience you will get to know different “patches” of the city, where you can enjoy a delicious beer, wine, paint, attend theater or some stand up comedy. On this occasion I recommend activities in different sectors of the city so that after your work you can “spend the afternoon” with a couple of Paisa friends with whom you want to share. With these recommendations you can visit these neighborhoods on different days, walk their streets and take back some good travel memories like a true paisa!

It is an ideal experience for digital nomads in Medellín and for those who visit us at a fair or event, who after their workday want to enjoy and get to know the city.


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🕑 Duration 3 days
Liiffe Experiences are detailed 3-day itineraries designed by locals

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Available English, Spanish

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Hello! I’m Laura , welcome to Medellín. I am a country in love with its land that walks with love every street, every town that belongs to it; I love to travel and share with the locals of every place I go, that’s why today, I love to be the host for you in my city. Fall in love with Medellín as much as I do, come and enjoy days of friendliness, fun and color after work 🙂

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