Book lovers 1 Day (BARCELONA)

Enter the literary universe where libraries and bookstores are the hidden treasures that tell the history of the city.

Enter a world of adventure and magic between the pages! Join us, passionate about books, on a tour through the most charming corners and bookstores of Barcelona. Discover historical corners inspired by works such as “La sombra del viento” by Carlos Ruiz Zafón and let yourself be carried away by the literary charm of the neighborhood of Gràcia. End the day with a dinner in a restaurant with a magical garden and extend the night in a fun-filled theater, where art and entertainment merge, let yourself be enveloped by the stories that Barcelona has to offer!


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Greetings reading lovers! I’m Laia, your hostess in Barcelona. I share this passion since I was little and this has made that as time goes by I get to know all kinds of places that are related to the book… How wonderful! So I am very happy to be able to share those little known places in Barcelona and that would only be up to the level of a crazy reader like me. I also have for you corners of the city that have been protagonists in very famous literary works for the city. “Come with me and let me recommend an unforgettable literary experience!” 📚☕

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