Cup of coffee in Aburrà Valley 1 Day (MEDELLIN)

Arriving in Medellín and feeling the aroma of coffee that its mountains sweat is one of the unique experiences you will live in my city. Immerse yourself in the flavor, color and aroma of the renowned deep red fruit.

Medellín, Colombia’s second city, has a great coffee scene. Its large mountains and proximity to the Antioquian coffee plantations mean that the coffee culture in the city is on the rise. Through this experience, you will have the opportunity to know, live and taste the coffee process that takes place in the mountains of Medellín; in addition to learning different preparation methods and tasting incredible pairings.


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Hello! I am Mariana , a coffee addict par excellence. Welcome to Medellín. I am a country in love with its land that walks with love every street, every town that belongs to it; I love to travel and share with the locals of every place I go, that’s why today, I love to be the host for you in my city. Fall in love with Medellín as much as I do, come and enjoy days of friendliness, fun and color. An experience that is full of flavor, rhythm and color.

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