Paisalandia, A Land Of Adventure And Magic 1 day (MEDELLIN)

Among the mountains of the Aburrá Valley we also have fun for the little ones, enjoy with your family the places that Medellín has that are full of games, color and adventures.

Once upon a time there was a city full of flowers, colors and adventures. A magical city that offers joy and fun, with places that allow you to explore the world on ATVs, horses and long walks; playing with water, bounce houses, science and experimentation; In addition, share with animals in aquariums and other spaces full of nature, forests and mountains. In this experience we want to show you three days of pure fun so that you can enjoy with your children, the city of eternal spring. Medellin.


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Hello! I’m andrea . Welcome to Medellín. I am a country in love with its land that walks with love every street, every town that belongs to it; I am the mother of a beautiful boy and with him I love to travel and discover new places. Join us on the adventure of exploring Medellín, or as we call it, paisalandia, a city that offers a lot to do with children and thus live memorable adventures and create great travel memories.

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