Pet friendly experience 1 Day (MEDELLIN)

Tour the most exclusive and Pet Friendly areas of Medellín

Come discover the Pet Friendly destinations and places preferred by Antioquians. Don’t leave them at home sad and bored, here in Medellín we are crazy about furry ones and everyone is welcome in many places.


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🕑 Duration 3 days
Liiffe Experiences are detailed 3-day itineraries designed by locals

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Discover authentic, personalized recommendations to immerse yourself at destination

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Available English, Spanish

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What’s Included
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Hello! Partners… I’m Yuri and I’m your local host for this experience. I am fortunate to have two adorable and beautiful Westies dogs and I love pets, so I will leave you my recommendations of the pet-friendly places in Medellín, where you can calmly take them for a walk, eat, have a good coffee, work, play and have fun.

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