An Unforgettable Family Adventure (MADRID)

Enjoy family fun plans and moments in Madrid

Enjoy Madrid as a family with an exciting itinerary that includes parks, museums, delicious food, and activities for both kids and adults. From strolls along Madrid Río to cultural visits and diverse culinary options, this experience offers fun for everyone.

Save time & money!


ℹ️  What is Liiffe?
Local tips & recommendations

🕑 Duration 3 days
Liiffe Experiences are detailed 3-day itineraries designed by locals

📲 Virtual guide
Discover authentic, personalized recommendations to immerse yourself at destination

🌐  Language
Available English, Spanish

🚫  Non refundable
For special cases, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service for assistance


What’s Included

✔3-day itinerary with local tips
✔ Restaurant and food recommendations
✔ Secret spots and historical insights
✔ Guidance on getting around
✔ Map with points of interest from your experience
✔ You will go by yourself
✔ Events, tours and activities suggestions

Not included

❌Crowded and touristic places experience
❌ Transport, tickets and reservations
❌ Local expert doesn’t come with you 


Hi, I’m Rafa, I’m a sports lover, especially paddle tennis and travel. I love spending time with my family and making plans for my young children to enjoy. I leave below the recommendations for 3 days, I hope you enjoy Madrid. I am in love with the city and I know the best places for children to have fun. I leave below the recommendations for 3 days I hope you enjoy it!

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