Cool moments & shopping (MADRID)

A Luxury Shopping Experience in the Spanish Capital

Walk through the most exclusive and cool areas of the capital, enjoy the latest fashion and trends. Have a “tardeo” in the trendiest places and eat in the most instagramers restaurants.

Save time & money!


ℹ️  What is Liiffe?
Local tips & recommendations

🕑 Duration 3 days
Liiffe Experiences are detailed 3-day itineraries designed by locals

📲 Virtual guide
Discover authentic, personalized recommendations to immerse yourself at destination

🌐  Language
Available English, Spanish

🚫  Non refundable
For special cases, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service for assistance


What’s Included

✔3-day itinerary with local tips
✔ Restaurant and food recommendations
✔ Secret spots and historical insights
✔ Guidance on getting around
✔ Map with points of interest from your experience
✔ You will go by yourself
✔ Events, tours and activities suggestions

Not included

❌Crowded and touristic places experience
❌ Transport, tickets and reservations
❌ Local expert doesn’t come with you 


Hi, I’m Paula, I’m a marketing, travel, fashion and gastronomy lover. I enjoy my leisure time in my city, making plans with my friends. Here are my recommendations for 3 days and I hope you enjoy it!  I am in love with shopping moments and beautiful places to have a mojito. I propose you the best places and restaurants… I leave below the recommendations for 3 days and I hope you enjoy it!

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