Vintage Seville 3 days (SEVILLA)

Enjoy the most vintage and retro side of Seville

Get ready for an exciting adventure in Sevilla as you uncover secondhand shops, collector’s spots, and charming markets. This experience will let you dive into the heart of Híspalis’ capital from a unique perspective, where you’ll unearth hidden treasures, discover historical gems, and experience the city’s authentic charm. Join us on this journey filled with nostalgia and quirky finds as we explore the quirkiest corners of Sevilla. Perfect for travelers looking for a truly unique adventure!



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🕑 Duration 3 days
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Hello guys! My name is Macarena, a sevillian and I love to explore the second-hand shops in my city, as well as collectibles markets… that’s how I can discover new spots. And what better than to show it to visitors who come and can enjoy it while touring Sevilla.

I’ve prepared a 3-day plan so you can visit the areas with vintage shops while getting to know the city of Sevilla, its corners, its restaurants and bars, cafes… that way, you’ll enjoy everything even more… I hope you enjoy ! 🙂

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