A musical melodrama 1 Day (MEDELLIN)

Medellín dances to the sound of different tropical and Latin American rhythms that you will love to know, feel, dance and live. I invite you to move your body to the beat of our musical history. I invite you to get to know the historical musical melodrama of my city, Medellín.

Medellín vibrates with different musical rhythms: salsa, tango, boleros, cumbia and porro, enjoy the music of many of the artists who have made history with traditional paisas and Latin rhythms Fruko y sus tesos, Grupo Galé, Edmundo Arias, El Grupo Caneo, Los Latin Brother, Las Hermanitas Calle, Los Teenager, Carlos Arturo, Gustavo “El Loco” Quintero, Rodolfo Aicardi. Fashionable locals, museum houses, restaurants…let’s get to know the dance of the paisa city with its different rhythms.


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Hi! I’m Tatiana. Do you like dancing? I love it. I was born in the mountains, surrounded by countless cultural expressions that give colour to the culture of my hometown Medellín. Today I want you to dance with me, to know the history of our traditional music, to fall in love with its history, its rhythms and its sounds.

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